• China Prefab&Modular Fair 2020

    PMMHF China Int'l Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo
    May 11th-May 13th, 2020

    Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo, China

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  • About The Fair

    The Offsite Expo leader in China since 10+ years

    The Opportunity

    We are here introducing the joint-venture initiative by Green Prefab Europe and PMMHF China, to bring European companies and professionals to The 10th China International Prefab House, Modular Building, Mobile House & Space Fair.

    Average Number of Leads
    Gained at the Show: 80
    Average Value of Sales Leads: > EUR 250,000 (RMB 2 Million)

    Date: May 11-13, 2020

    Co-located within China Int’l Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo 2020 (CIHIE 2020)

    Overall Exhibitor Satisfaction Rate: 91%
    Venue: Poly World Trade Center Expo, Guangzhou
    China Website: www.pmmhf.com

    1-to-1 Matchmaking

    The 1-to-1 Matchmaking program has been an incredible success in boosting sino-foreign trade: over 80% participants claiming to have found their ideal business partners! 1 matchmaking is free for visitors and all categories of participants.

  • Stakeholders by sectors

    ▪ Government Agencies
    ▪ Trade Associations
    ▪ Designers, Architects & Engineers
    ▪ Contractors
    ▪ Real Estate Development

    ▪ Buyers
    ▪ Manufacturers
    ▪ Investors
    ▪ Scholars & Researchers
    ▪ Scientists

    300+ Delegates 2 Days

    • Dedicated Pavillion Up-to-the-Minute Topics on Precast Concrete, Steel Structure, & Wooden Structure!
    • Make Valuable New Contacts at Our Welcome Dinner!
    • Exhibiting Enterprises Enjoys Reserved Seating for Two!


  • Trends & Innovation

    Latest Chinese policies, market trends, new inventions: all you want to know about China’s Building Industrialization!

    Present yourself in the market now

    If you are interested in the Chinese market for industrialized building systems this is your chance to be part of it, please contact us below and receive further details!

  • Main Product Categories

    China Prefab&Modular Fair 2020


    3d volumetric units for commercial and residential purposes


    Finished units for hospitality


    Structural system, outsourcing


    Structural steel, steel frame


    and other off-site construction technologies and design


    Heat insulation panels, exterior panels, ventilation facilities, door and window, hardware accessories, etc.

  • Last Minute News

    Discover our Visitor VIP programme and join us in China as a superstar.

  • A Peek into latest Prefab&Modular news

    The latest news from Green Prefab, PMMHF European Marketing Advisory

    China Production Hub

    Is China becoming the Global Production Hub for Prefabricated Buildings?

    A post by Furio Barzon about The China Prefab House Fair in Guangzhou and some speculations about the International markets. #china #prefab #production

    MMC Modern Methods of Construction

    Modern Methods of Construction Definition Framework

    Modern Methods of Construction redefined. Have a look at the ultimate definition framework for MMC by MHCLG Joint Industry Working Group in the UK. #prefab #modular #industrialization #ontologies #UK

    Comprehensive report by McKinsey

    Reinventing Construction

    McKinsey & Company: "The industry could move toward a manufacturing mass-production system, in which a construction project is built from prefabricated standardized components off-site in a factory." #mckinsey #economy #trends #proficienty

    Guandong Province Construction Plan

    Guangdong’s Big Plan for Prefabricated Construction Development

    China is transitioning from traditional construction to off-site prefabrication at a stunning speed. Guandong Province needs the greatest technologies to achieve its ambitious targets. If you want to know how big is the market to unlock, please join the 11th China Int’l Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo (CIHIE 2019) and see for yourself! #guandong #pilotcase #modular #prefab #housing #china

  • How to participate in the Fair

    as a European individual or company!

    Check out four ways to become a protagonist of the Fair.

    You are supposed to sign a contract before buying the options,

    use the contact form below to receive your VIP Invitation.

    Representative Presence
    Audience benefits:
    Your representative banner at Green Prefab booth
    Active scouting for your company
    Table for instant meetings
    1-to-10 pre-organized meetings with interested Chinese stakeholders (15 minutes)
    Conference materials & catalogue
    Final report about trends
    Collection of feedbacks on your products

    Optionally, it does not require your company representatives in Guangzhou, Green Prefab can take care of promoting and collecting feedbacks for your company on your behalf.
    Coming soon
    Exhibit in your own booth
    2,500.00 - 9,000.00
    Booth rates are available below.
    Extra +10% for double-open booth or corner booth.

    Contact us at china@greenprefab.com to receive booth availability map and more details about the single option.
    Coming soon
    Speaker & Exhibitor Opportunity
    Audience benefits:
    20-minute speech at the summit
    One luxury booth (worth € 2,900)
    Reserved seating for 2 at the summit, welcome dinner, two lunches
    One page color ad (worth € 1,400) on show catalogue to be distributed to all attendees
    Coming soon
    Audience benefits:
    20-minute speech at the summit
    Reserved seating for 2 at the summit and welcome dinner
    One page color ad on show catalogue to be distributed to all attendees (worth € 1,400)
    Coming soon
    Visitor VIP Access
    Audience benefits:
    1-to-1 meetings with interested Chinese stakeholders (15 minutes each)
    Western delegation tour
    Conference materials & catalogue
    Welcome dinner
    Reserved seating for 1 at the Summit (worth € 450)
    Free pass to the full Fair
    Final report about trends
    Coming soon